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EQ Futures

Fast track dreams of tomorrow with an EQ career today

Are you a talented and enthusiastic graduate?

If the answer to the above is yes, look no further. We have graduate opportunities available now.

We are looking for smart thinking young people who have graduated in the last three years with a 1st or 2:1 degree. Undergraduates, post graduates and even those with a PhD can apply. 

Who we are

We create smart solutions for complex markets but what does that actually mean? Well, the truth is, we help other businesses function. We do the things they need to do but they can’t always do themselves. The work we provide for other businesses includes:

•Providing technology and systems
•Paying pensions
•Looking after employee benefits for businesses
•Managing share registers
•Providing great customer service
•Managing complaints

Here are some facts about Equiniti...

More info about Equiniti here

What skills do you have? 

With all the things we do, we are looking for all sorts of people with all sorts of skills. 

Numerical: You might have studied: Economics, finance, maths, accounting
Commercial: You might have studied: Business studies, marketing, human resources
Classics: You might have studied: English, history, sciences, politics
Technology: You might have studied: IT, new media, data science, graphic design

Can’t see your degree here? Don’t worry, we will consider all applicants regardless of what you studied.

Two years of training

It’s an exciting time but sometimes daunting for graduates taking the leap from education to the working world. That’s why we support our grads with a comprehensive two years of paid training. In this time you’ll experience key areas of our business relevant to your interests.

The experience of these key areas will give you essential business training. It will also give you great insight into different parts of Equiniti; valuable experience for working with us. If all goes well, after two years' training, there could well be an opportunity for you at Equiniti. 

The Process

Our recruitment process has a number of stages below:


7073 EQ Futures Process Diagram V2
  1. Go to equiniticareers.com
  2. Apply for EQ Futures by submitting online application for the "Graduate Programme" 
  3. Complete online critical thinking appraisal
  4. Candidates selected
  5. Skype interview to shortlist 60 candidates
  6. Top 60 candidates invited to Equiniti assessment day
  7. Successful individuals offered place
  8. Two year training starts
  9. Job offered and starting role defined

Where in the world are you?

We have many offices across the world (many are in the UK). See our map below:

Equiniti locations in the UK, Jersey, Holland and India

There will be opportunities across all our offices. Although, if you are looking for an adventure, and a change of location, do let us know! Most roles involve some travelling so you get the opportunity to explore some of the other sites.

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