Equiniti Overview

Smart solutions in a complex and changing world

The world has never been more complex, daunting or exciting. Game-changing technologies. Greater choice. A constantly shifting environment. For those who rise to the challenges, the opportunities and rewards are limitless.

To stay ahead, you need the support of an intelligent provider and that's where we come in. Our activities are often mission-critical but not core to your business. We take care of these, leaving you free to focus on what matters most.

We provide sophisticated administration, processing and payments services powered by up-to-the-minute technology. We keep things running smoothly for some of the best-known brands and public sector organisations in the UK.

Our clients rely on us for highly accurate, flexible and effective solutions, helping them to manage a world of ever increasing regulation, compliance and complexity.

Our smart solutions are not just for businesses…

We also provide services to millions of individuals. Our advanced online trading platform provides a wide range of investment choices. Our additional innovative technologies allow individuals to manage their company benefits such as employee share and pension schemes. We even help individuals to find fair loans through our collaboration with fair loan comparison website FairMoney.

We are always looking to improve and extend the range of services we offer, because you can never be too ready for the future, whatever that future looks like.

Our complete service offering: