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This allows them to focus on what matters most to them – engineering, banking, electrics, selling clothes or even cakes!

We provide things like...
share registration, employee share plans, administering pension schemes
and providing technology
For Equiniti, statistically
speaking, it’s more like
2 degrees of separation
We work with 27 million
people in the UK
All of this means we
hold data at an
‘Amazonian scale’
And here is a guide,
in a bit more detail, about our
business divisions

EQ Boardroom is made up of two key areas:

Share Registration: Equiniti keeps a register of a company’s shares and who owns them. In the event of a shareholder buying or selling shares, the company issuing new shares or a merger with another company, the register is updated accordingly.
Employee Share Plans: As well as receiving a salary, employees are often rewarded by companies in the form of shares. Equiniti helps clients set up a share plan (employees often sign up via a nifty augmented reality app) before consistently ensuring employees are issued the correct amount of shares.

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As a core part of EQ Digital, we develop our own software to support and streamline inefficient, labour-intensive and costly business processes, which burden its clients. Here are some of the most successful:

An award-winning software platform for pension administration.
Conducts Know Your Customer checks to ensure entities are safe to go into business with.
Charter MMX:
A workflow management tool employed in complaints remediation.
CS Zero:
Protects customers from phishing emails and other scam.

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Pension Scheme Administration:
We collect contributions from employees and maintain up-to-date and accurate information on those people so that we can keep them updated about their options and, when the time comes, pay out on an accurate and timely basis.

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Like the other areas of the business, EQ Invest offers business-to-business solutions.

These include bespoke share trading platforms and international payment solutions. But EQ Invest also provides services direct to customers such as online trading platforms Selftrade and Shareview where people can buy, sell and keep their shares.

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