Case Study

Migrating Sainsbury’s to Equiniti’s market leading
share registration and share plan platform

Trusted UK retailer chooses
Equiniti for shareholder and employee share plan services

Sainsbury’s was founded in 1869 by John James Sainsbury
and has since become one of the UK’s largest food retailers employing 195,000 staff with over 600 supermarkets, 800 convenience stores and 250,000 online orders every week.
In 2016, they also acquired HRG which includes the brands Argos and Habitat.

Executive Summary

In March 2017, Equiniti won the contract to provide Sainsbury’s with a range of innovative and cost effective shareholder and share plan services, underpinned by our technology and fresh way of working with clients.

The services included Share Registration, Share Incentive Plans (SIP), Save-As-You-Earn (SAYE), Discretionary Plans, Corporate Nominee and Employee Benefit Trust.

A Seamless Migration Experience

We had strong project governance in place, consisting of project reporting, effective communication between all stakeholders, tracking of meetings, risk workshops, managing change and escalation to management displayed throughout the entire project. The project governance included fortnightly Sainsbury’s client and Equiniti Steering Group meetings with executive sponsors.

Delivering the Sainsbury’s Experience

Equiniti communicated regularly with Sainsbury’s, giving them the opportunity to review the migration process. This included the facilitation of a risk workshop with Sainsbury’s and the tracking of key risks at the fortnightly Sainsbury’s project progress meeting.

The purpose of this approach was to ensure sign-off through the various business areas and integrity checks. This allowed time to identify outstanding issues and provided confidence when the live migration was undertaken.

To ensure all client requirements were effectively delivered, all project actions were complete and the services fully transitioned to Operations (BAU), Post Implementation Reviews were held both internally with our Project Team and with Sainsbury’s. This enabled us to continue to refine and enhance our migration process and experience for the benefit of future clients.

Equiniti and Sainsbury’s celebrated a successful and seamless migration, during mid-September, with all the key deliverables being met within the timeframes agreed.

Sainsbury’s, their shareholders and colleagues are now benefitting from a much enhanced offering through our technology, innovation and fresh way of working.

Ongoing Service Excellence