Your ISA Guide

Keeping it simple

ISAs were introduced by the
government to help people save
money for the future

An ISA is an Individual Savings Account that allows you to save or invest money in a tax efficient way.

Cash ISA
A Cash ISA is a good way to begin saving and offers security for your money. The interest you receive from your savings isn't taxed, so all the interest you earn, you keep. The rate of interest is relatively low at the moment so the rate of return on your savings will also be low.

Selftrade does not provide Cash ISA’s

Stocks and Shares ISA
A Stocks and Shares ISA lets you put your money into a range of different investments such as company shares, government and corporate bonds and funds. Investing on the stock market can achieve a higher return especially when investing for the longer term, but the stock market can fall as well as rise so you need to be aware of the risk.

Selftrade provides a Stocks and Shares ISA.

Eligibility for a Stocks and Shares ISA
UK residents over the age of 18 are eligible to open a Stocks and Shares ISA.

If you move abroad and for tax purposes are no longer a UK resident, you can keep your existing ISAs and their tax benefits but you are not permitted to subscribe further in an ISA. This does not apply to Crown employees such as armed forces personnel stationed overseas.

How does it work?

ISA allowances

You can subscribe into either one Cash ISA, one Shares ISA or a combination of both types during every tax year, up to the maximum ISA allowance. The total amount you invest in the tax year must be within the limits below:

Tax year dates
6 April 2017 – 5 April 2018.

Stocks and Shares ISA limit
£20,000 (less contributions to any Cash ISA you may hold).

Cash ISA limit
£20,000 (less contributions to any Stocks and Shares ISA).

Which type of ISA should I choose?

You can invest in one or both types of ISA up to the maximum limits to suit your financial goals and your appetite for risk.

Why choose a
Selftrade Shares ISA?

There is a Trading Inactivity Fee which only applies
if you do not make a single trade in any of the accounts
you hold in a calendar quarter.

A full list of charges can be found on the Selftrade website

How do I invest in a
Selftrade Shares ISA?

Investing in a Selftrade Shares ISA

With cash
• Lump Sum – You can fund your Selftrade Shares ISA by making a lump sum payment by Debit Card. If you already have a Selftrade Dealing account, you can transfer cash from this account to your ISA.

• Regular Investment – If you do not have a lump sum to invest then our Regular Investment may be the option for
you. You make regular monthly deposits into your ISA from
as little as £50 a month, then we will automatically purchase your pre-selected investment for only £1.50 per investment. We’ll even keep an eye on the amount you contribute to ensure you don’t exceed your annual ISA allowance.

• Another possibility is to open your Selftrade Shares ISA with a lump sum and then top it up throughout the tax year with regular payments.

With existing investments
If you have an ISA with another provider we can help you transfer this ISA to Selftrade. With all your investments consolidated in one place, it is easier to review and assess your portfolio.

To transfer an existing Shares ISA you will need to first open a Selftrade Shares ISA and then complete and return the ISA Transfer-In Form. We will then contact your existing ISA provider and take care of the rest. We’ll even cover any transfer out fees, charged by your existing ISA provider, up to £100 (please contact us for more information). If you are transferring ISAs from previous tax years this will have no impact on your ISA allowance for the current tax year. A transfer does not count as a new subscription.

Other shareholdings
If you hold types other investments, e.g. share certificates, these too can be transferred into your Selftrade Shares ISA.

To do this you will need to:
• Transfer your share certificates into your Selftrade Dealing Account (you can do this by completing a CREST transfer form)

• Sell the shares in your Selftrade Dealing Account (The sale of these shares may be liable for Capital Gains Tax should you have realised assets during the tax year in excess of your annual capital gains allowance)

• Transfer the funds into your ISA

• Re-purchase the shares within the ISA (this process is called a Bed and ISA)

Please telephone Customer Services to complete the Bed and ISA process.

How do I apply for a
Selftrade Shares ISA?

Telephone: 0345 0700 720 +44 121 415 0879
Lines are open from 07:45 – 19:00 (UK time) Monday – Friday

Secure message for account holders:
Login to your account to send and read messages

Please do not send personal or account
specific information via email

Post: PO Box 4923, Worthing, BN99 6SF

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