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What we do

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The Challenges

Lenders continue to face a number of challenges. Foremost is the expectation consumers have that they can obtain a loan cheaper online. This lack of loyalty is endemic with consumers shopping around, looking at up to 5 different sites for the cheapest loan.

Also the pace of change continues to accelerate, with new market niches and competitive threats emerging from existing and new lenders to the market.

Finally, the compliance and regulatory landscape remains all encompassing with the FCA supervising consumer credit compliance, and in particular ensuring that customers are treated fairly, but also the Information Commissioner overseeing the data protection act.

The Equiniti Credit Services proposition provides lenders with the tools to address these challenges and drive competitive advantage. Our technology allows lenders to make better, more informed credit decisions, reducing losses; the provision of self service functionality driven by our rich APIs facilitates efficient processing, without compromising on customer service. These and other features allow lenders to drive down operational costs and make lending cheaper.

Agility is at the core of our products and services. We can support our clients with the rapid implementation of our platforms or the launch of new financial products through our extensive capabilities.

As a fully regulated business ourselves, we’re well aware of the need to comply with all aspects of legislation and the approach throughout our business means that lenders can be assured that we’re on the same page.

In short, we’re making lending cheaper, faster and safer

Our Solutions

Leading tech: Leading the UK in adopting a digital approach to providing loan functionality, Equiniti Credit Services focuses on automation, customer self-service, scale and efficiency whilst embracing modern architectures. Built on the Microsoft web stack, it is an API-first solution, enabling connectivity from enterprise components to its broad range of loan management services.

Rich functionality: An end to end loan servicing platform. Enabling banks and financial institutions to offer unrivalled depth of functionality in a single, integrated and scalable solution. Supporting the full range of lending products including unsecured, secured and asset based.

Outsource Services: Our outsource service blends specialist, experienced personnel with FCA compliant processes and industry best practices. The service is underpinned by our proprietary technology and supported by highly skilled new business teams. Loans applications are captured using multi-channel customer conversion strategies, delivering SLAs and implementing risk strategies, in-line with TCF policies.

Sourcing Solutions: Our sourcing solutions are designed to treat customers fairly, increase customer retention and generate new revenues by immediately identifying viable alternative loan options for newly declined applicants.

Standby Servicing: Our unique approach offers UK mortgage and consumer finance lenders a strong, reliable servicing with a clear contingency plan for invocation. With robust strategies, we ensure minimal portfolio disruption for a seamless recovery, and above all peace of mind for our clients.

Our Customers



We have extensive experience in supporting the administration of personal loan portfolios using a high degree of automation.

Our personal loan software is very scalable, and is currently supporting the largest loan book in Europe through thousands of branches and other direct channels. We also have a number of mid-range clients, who between them use the personal loan software to administer loan books on behalf of over 100 affinity partners. As an alternative, Equiniti Credit Services can provide the personal loan software as a service over the Internet for smaller clients with simple requirements who do not wish to make a significant investment in infrastructure.

The use of automated links to national services, including payments registration, amendment and collection, credit reference and fraud, complements the application’s facilities for automated decision-making, risk management and up/down/cross sell activities.

A proven track record in the motor finance sector, deploying systems to some of the leading independent motor finance companies in the UK.

Continuing exposure to the leading edge of motor finance has enabled the software to develop in the key areas the market demands. Dynamic injection of features and functionality enhanced from personal lending software and asset finance software enables Equiniti Credit Services clients to promote a range of attractive alternatives to established POS motor finance products, in order to face off the threat to market share posed by today’s direct, volume personal lenders. This works extremely well and increased volumes of business and higher customer retention is the increasing result.

With the economic climate squeezing consumer spending, retailers are perpetually seeking new ways to make their products attractive and more affordable.

Retail finance offers consumers a pragmatic alternative to the outright purchase of goods. In turn this also provides a supplementary revenue stream for the retailer. With the right loan administration system in place, household brands can enhance customer loyalty and increase sales by offering finance products, putting higher value items within the reach of customers that would otherwise not consider them.

Our software underpins the retailers’ point of sales system to provide a flexible and scalable loan administration and collections system. The rich functionality in the system makes it easy to introduce new finance products and makes the process of applying for retail finance as easy and paperless as possible.

The electronic signature module provides sales assistants with retail finance products at the touch of a button, they complete the application with the customer, run the credit risk and fraud checks and the system comes back with a near instant decision.

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