Designing better rectification and remediation programmes

26 March 2015

White paper outlining our 7 step approach to better rectification and remediation programmes

This white paper outlines our proven 7 step approach and methodology to delivering a solution to support successful rectification and remediation programmes.

Our experience has shown that there is an eagerness within financial services firms to develop a rectification solution and to demonstrate to stakeholders that progress is being made, rather than fully understanding the implications of the decisions that are taken early on in the design process.

Equiniti Charter UK developed and deployed the first rectification and remediation technology platform for Alliance and Leicester in 2009. Since then, Equiniti Charter UK has gone on to build platforms that have supported the processing of over 60% of the total PPI redress paid so far in the UK, and this technology has been used by over 70,000 employees within the financial services industry. Our specialist platforms have been a success thanks to the knowledge and ability of our consultants to design processes that make best use of banking resources, and deploying robust, proven technology to support what can be complex and sensitive tasks.