News Releases

Tue 14th February 2017

5 crucial questions answered for people looking to invest Read More

Mon 13th February 2017

Many would-be investors are looking for more than the modest-to-poor returns offered by Cash ISAs Read More

Tue 31st January 2017

New research shows that management has a challenge in capitalising on this opportunity Read More

Mon 30th January 2017

Companies should do more to engage as retail shareholders show appetite for corporate governance Read More

Wed 18th January 2017

Announcement that acquisitions of Marketing Source and Gateway2finance is complete Read More

Mon 28th November 2016

Research finds as many as 11.7 million Brits could have been victims of financial cybercrime Read More

Tue 15th November 2016

Equiniti wins 2016 Shares Award for Best Customer Service Read More

Mon 24th October 2016

Employers are gateway to get Britain investing with role in financial education Read More

Wed 19th October 2016

Nick Pedersen will be instrumental in delivering growth in the UK Read More

Wed 28th September 2016

Dr Foley’s task will be to focus on the transformative nature of Blockchain for Equiniti Read More