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Developing EQ Cognition

środa, 17 lutego 2021

International collaborative working to develop creative solutions

EQ Tek complements our international IT Team with high-calibre experts based in Krakow. The team is responsible for developing best-in-class applications and product delivery systems across all divisions of the business. Part of our purpose as a business is to provide high quality, accessible financial services for all. 

Offering end customers and clients, seamless and intuitive online experiences is a big part of this, as well as a major competitive differentiator. To achieve this, we need to strengthen our focus on application development and deploy significant talent at pace into this area. With this goal in mind, we have opened EQ Tek, a new digital experience centre based in Krakow, Poland.

EQ’s international business units work collaboratively to develop creative solutions for clients; one of the newest products is EQ Data’s EQ Cognition (“Cognition”). Cognition allows enterprises to access an ever-growing array of data sources and services through one simple integration. With a focus on quality, Cognition gives companies confidence in their client databases, enabling stronger customer relationships and informed data-led decisions.  

Cognition was built with attention to modularity and separation of concerns. It is based on the latest .Net Core and SQL database, exposed as RESTful API compatible with OpenApi specification. The main goal was to make sure we are providing real-time data verification which was achieved by implementing a dedicated failover and retry mechanism. The Teams involved in the development and delivery of Cognition have successfully engineered robust product foundations with futureproofing and ease to scale at the forefront, allowing future development to be implemented rapidly. 

The first release of Cognition has been a triumph of collaborative working and intuitive engineering, with client integrations deployed within UK household brands cleansing and parsing 10s of millions of records a year. The opportunities for growth within Cognition are endless, and we are excited to continue the expansion of the feature set supporting our clients.


Mateusz Skurski
Scrum Master at EQTek