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Robert Dyjas - Office 365 Specialist

11 September 2020

Hello, I'm responsible for Office 365 in EQTek. Within the team we take care of digital communication and collaboration.

When I first heard of EQ, I didn't know anyone working here. I met various people during my interview and that convinced me it was a great place to work.

Opportunities, opportunities, opportunities - this is what I like in EQTek. Every week gives you surprises and you never know what to expect. You quickly learn how to adapt to new situations and circumstances.

As a Office 365 specialist I always need to be up-to-date with the news and announcements in my technology field. It helps me a lot in my career as a engineer and technology trainer. My colleagues know very well that I barely use web interfaces and I want to have a script for everything I do.

To prevent burnout I frequently explore other areas, like programming. The first bigger open-source project I participated was related with Pokémon, but I'm still yet to catch them all!

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