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Tomasz Zajac - Enterprise Architect

23 October 2020

Hello, I'm Tomasz and today I'm going to share a little bit about my career so far. Well, my IT journey started more than 15 years ago as a software developer.

Over the course of years, I have experienced different types of IT organization in terms of scale and maturity. I have also had the privilege to set up the R&D department, drive the complex distributed systems through their entire lifecycle, be a start-up company co-founder and a patent inventor as well.

One of my biggest passions is about Parkinson's, Conway's, and Occam's razor laws applied to IT. I find this super interesting and something I could talk about for hours!

I value many aspects about working at EQ, but, let me focus on one undervalued aspect. EQ is a unique place where I meet people with outstanding domain knowledge supported by many years of practice in the industry.

I'll close with something many people may not know about me, personally, I am a retired semi-professional road cyclist and an active fountain pens collector.

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