Central government

Today’s public services are under greater strain than ever before. Politicians continue to legislate and drive reform, demanding improved services with shrinking budgets without compromising the quality of public service delivery to citizens.

Equiniti has been a trusted partner to many central government departments for over 175 years and we continue to use our experience and innovation to help deliver better, faster and cheaper services to our clients. Our ability to innovative and improve service provision led to our selection as the private sector partner for the first Central Government Mutual Joint Venture – MyCSP in 2012.

We can help support you to:

  • Deliver more with less with our ability to innovate and improve service provision 
  • Improve business processes to manage customers, cases, complaints, transactions and payments more efficiently through superior design and technology 
  • Deliver complex transactions that exceed general administrative and business support requirements
  • Integrate customer management and handle sensitive customer data seamlessly
  • Validate identity to accurately link customers with cases and claims, and tracing to re-unify debtors with their liabilities
  • Prepare an effective fall back for under-resourced services, backlogs and delays
  • Provide a rapid professional response to the management of crises, events and complaints

How we can help

  • Digital by default
  • Investing in government services
  • Payment processing 
  • Business process management
  • Case management
  • Complaint management 
  • Customer tracing
  • Document management
  • IT Services
  • Pension administration
  • HR and payroll
  • Claims management
  • Crisis events