Equiniti has been providing healthcare services since 1948, and was awarded the national contract for pension administration support by the NHS for England and Wales in 2002.

As the fifth largest employer in the world, it is the largest centrally administered pension scheme in Europe. As part of the contract we support 2.4 million pension scheme members, manage the pension contributions of 1.3 million current NHS employees, through our pension software and make payments totalling £7.4 billion to 760,000 pensioners every year.

Equiniti also pioneered the development of revalidation management software and 360˚ Feedback which helps licensed doctors demonstrate on a regular basis that their skills are up to date and they are fit to practise.

Our experience further extends into HR and payroll services for which we make payments of £425 million every year to 40,000 NHS employees as well as providing flexible benefits which help to promote improved employee engagement.

20% of NHS Trusts have chosen Equiniti

Equiniti delivers solutions for healthcare organisations to help drive efficiencies and enable employees to achieve optimum performance. All of our solutions are designed to deliver services that transform healthcare and are underpinned by innovative technologies and real industry insight gained from 20 years’ experience in the healthcare sector.

We have over 200 healthcare clients, 100 of which are NHS Trusts and pay 50,000 healthcare staff. At Equiniti we understand health.

Our solutions

  • HR and Payroll Solutions
  • Revalidation/Appraisal Management and 360 Feedback
  • Flexible Benefits
  • Data Management
  • Complaint Management
  • Pension Administration Support
  • Payment Processing
  • Data Cleansing and Analysis