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In today's disruptive financial environment, legacy systems are slow to adapt consumers' demand for fast and cost-effective access to credit.

Developed in partnership with end-user banks and lenders, Equiniti’s lending software, Core Pancredit is Equiniti's lending software. Developed in partnership with end-user banks and lenders, it is a robust, end-to-end loan origination, servicing and collections platform which helps you win on service, minimise risk and comply with industry regulations such as Treating Customers Fairly.

Core Pancredit covers all aspects of the lending process in a single integrated system, from customer onboarding to loan servicing and risk management, providing up-to-date and comprehensive information about customers across front and back office teams. Core Pancredit manages portfolios with ease, increases transaction volume, has in built decisioning capabilities and rapidly brings new products to market.

Equiniti’s business intelligence dashboard component enables you to proactively set and monitor KPIs, construct comprehensive credit and risk strategies, monitor your regulatory processes and identify process improvement.

On behalf of its clients, Equiniti administers a loan book in excess of £13billion. With over 25 years of specialist experience in developing these solutions for the financial market, Equiniti is helping organisations to champion responsible lending, cut costs and enhance the service experience of end-users.

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