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Customer Complaints Management

Today's financial services organisations are more complex, faster changing and under greater pressure than ever to improve their complaint management processes and enhance their customers' experience.

The FCA continues to demand new protection for customers. Financial services firms need to view this changing regulatory landscape as more than a 'tick-box' exercise. By understanding customers' frustrations - as well as what delights them - firms can enjoy benefits far beyond compliance. Improved efficiency, profitability and retention will in turn ensure services are transacted with more rigour and accountability.

While many firms have online customer service teams, the challenge is how to handle the complaint from start to finish with increased personalisation, without robotic responses or directing them to offline routes such as forms or letters.

To meet these challenges, organisations need people, processes and technology from one expert provider. We can offer you a single customer view and help you to improve the customer experience, retain their business and protect your brand.

How we can help

We can help with expert solutions for managing customer complaints:

End-to-end complaints and remediation
Uncover the people, processes and technology that can help you manage your complaints more effectively.

Complaint Management Software
Find out more about our complaint management software.

Specialist Resourcing
For 20 years Equiniti has been relied on by regulated businesses to provide hard to find and specialist technical resources, advice and experience through our bespoke people solutions that go beyond standard recruitment.


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