For Individuals

Equiniti provides services to millions of individuals through extensive services and technology.

For you, via your company, we may manage your pension, benefits and share plans. For you, directly, we offer an advanced online trading platform and even provide fair loan comparisons.

We are constantly developing new services and our solutions are always designed, by us, with you in mind.

Personal Investments


Selftrade is a great value trading platform with a wide range of investment choices which you can tailor to suit your investment planning needs.

Manage My Company Shareholding via Shareview 

If you hold shares in a company or are an Executive or employee where Equiniti is the registrar, our Shareview investment platform supports your share dealing choices.

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For shareholder queries, try our help page

Manage My Company Share Plan 

Equiniti supports you to manage your company share plans. Whether you’re in an SAYE, SIP or any other type of company share plan we provide you with the tools and support to make it as easy as possible to manage.

For general share plans enquiries please call:

UK callers: 0371 384 2040 International callers: +44 121 415 7161 Textel/ Minicom: 0371 384 2255

Manage My Company Pension 

Equiniti supports you to manage your company pension scheme. Whether you’re saving towards your pension or are already taking it, we provide you with the tools and support to help you do this.

Please call 01293 560 999 for general pension scheme enquiries.

Compare the Fairest Loans

FairMoney™ is a brand new fair loan comparison website that ranks lenders solely by price and has a central focus on bringing fairness to you, the customer.