Employee Share Plans

We are pioneers in this market and the number one provider in the industry. We are dedicated to understanding the culture of our clients businesses and their employee strategy. This enables us to deliver long-term benefits to both our clients and their employees.

In addition we update and advise on all market, technology and industry changes via our experts, through events, online publications, forums and much more.

We are dedicated to delivering first class management across all of our all employee share plan services including:

Sharesave (SAYE)

As the most popular type of All Employee Share Plan in the UK, Sharesave has long provided employees with an easy way to save, invest and share in the future success of the company they work for. It has the added benefit of providing tax advantages for UK employees and can also be structured tax efficiently in some other jurisdictions.

Equiniti guides our clients and their many thousands of employees from launch through to maturity each year and provides on-going administration, support and communications. We use our technology and our experts to make the process as easy as possible.

International Sharesave replicates the mechanics of the traditional UK plan and as administrators we have developed an extensive knowledge operating International Schemes through working with many multinational companies with overseas employees.

Share Incentive Plans (SIPs)

Again, SIPs offer a simple, tax-efficient way for all employees to own a stake in the success of the company they work for.

Our team of experts, including our in-house trustee team, work closely with our clients to ensure smooth and trouble free SIP administration. They provide impartial advice to ensure fair treatment of Plan participants and compliance with Plan rules and governing legislation.

In addition we offer our clients’ employees real-time SIP dealing via ESP Portal

Trustee Services (Onshore)

We operate our own onshore share plan trustee service through Equiniti Share Plan Trustees Limited. We provide the highest standards of corporate governance and play a vital role over ownership and control of assets held within the Plan.