Pension Solutions

Equiniti is the UK’s leading pension services provider; delivering all aspects of pension services

Equiniti is the UK’s leading pension services provider. We deliver all aspects of pension services, from the software to run and value schemes, through the day-to-day administration itself, right through to schemes at the very end of their lifecycle, and including strategic support to pension schemes in complex issues such as data quality, communications, transformation and rectification issues.

We look after eight million scheme members and pay around 20% of UK pensioners. With our pensions experience dating back to 1836, pensions are deeply enshrined in our business; they are a part of our DNA and a key part of our future.

End-to-end pensions expertise

We have the expertise to take employers, trustees and members through the whole lifecycle of a pension scheme – for members this means we support the process from first joining right through to paying pension throughout retirement. For employers and trustees we support establishing, running and, where required, winding-up or closing scheme, with a range of value-add strategic services alongside to help you manage risk, whether this be associated with data quality, financial risk or regulatory risk.


The Pensions Journey

Our solutions cover four key areas:

Technology + Knowledge + Experts = Smart Solutions

Compendia is our multiple-award winning, leading-edge pensions administration technology platform, developed by pensions experts, for administering pension schemes. In addition to Compendia we provide DataSure software to analyse, cleanse and migrate scheme data, and SuperVal for actuarial valuation of Defined Benefit schemes.