Life and Pensions

We take care of the day-to-day

Supporting customers throughout their working life to retirement is important to ensure they have enough money to live long and happy lives, and to make sure loved ones are provided for.

But the life and pensions market has changed significantly as a result of recent pension reforms, and the ensuing payment and administration issues are posing considerable challenges for companies operating in an ever-highly regulated environment.

Equiniti specialises in providing finely tuned finance and complex administration services, allowing companies to focus on their core services. With over 10 million scheme members under our watch and using our pension software, we are experienced in meeting today’s life and pension challenges.

Annuity administration and pension payments

With the new pension flexibilities, customers have been afforded more freedom but also more responsibility. It is therefore essential that companies have systems and operational delivery capabilities that maximize the potential of these new options available to their customers.

As the UK’s leading provider of annuity services, we can offer a proven full annuity administration service, encompassing customer management, new business, payment and payroll processing. The service incorporates a full suite of payment solutions, configurable to suit a wide range of products to manage both UK and international payments.

We have the organisational strength and stability to enable our clients to outsource with confidence, providing a large-scale resource and passing on economies of scale.

Closed book services

Portfolios with policies that are no longer sold as new business but still carry premiums can cause a unique challenge to insurance companies. They require continued care and attention, often at a level that is disproportionate to their value.

Equiniti can deliver cost savings, operational efficiencies and get you closer to your customers. We can help you manage your portfolio and all of the support systems including the IT infrastructure, call centres and administration staff, all the while helping you to mitigate the risks of these legacy portfolios.

Resource solutions

Equiniti owns Hazell Carr, a leading UK provider of skilled technical resource who has supported organisations through every major regulatory review since 1997. We have a strong credible track record in delivering bespoke solutions to regulated industries.

We can offer flexible, experienced resource when needed, from expert regulatory support and hands-on case management to specialist compliance consultants and full project support. Our Academy Solution provides capable and enthusiastic graduates seeking entry points into the financial services industry.

Equiniti’s additional services

And there is still more that we can help with. As a result of the new pension freedoms, individuals are now also reconsidering their entire investment portfolios and life and pensions options. Insurance firms may therefore be required to offer other key products.

Equiniti can additionally enable the provision of wealth management and bereavement services.

Our extensive knowledge and experience of these offerings can enable our clients to develop the services that meet their customers’ specific requirements in a timely and sympathetic way. And as we strive to give our clients the best possible experience and services, so do we continuously seek to improve and extend our range of services and solutions.