Bereavement Services

We guide customers through the three stages of the bereavement process

On an average day, Equiniti receives approximately 1,000 notifications of death across all of its business units; this equates to 60% of the deaths in the UK a year. In approximately one third of all cases, the notification comes from primary relatives or next of kin of the deceased.

With this contact being the first step in organising the deceased’s financial affairs, this normally leads to account closure with all service providers. With our support we can stem the account closures and develop new customer relationships on your behalf with the next generation of wealth customers who need advice and support on their new found wealth.

We can guide customers and the deceased families and friends through the three stages of the bereavement process.

1) Equiniti Bereavement Services starts with the offer of free support and guidance and is firmly focused on offering a good service of value to the friends and family of the deceased. Through a number of different channels we can help educate customers, making them aware of the complexities their friends and family could face when they die, enabling them to plan ahead and make more informed decisions.

2) On the customer’s death, we provide free impartial tax, legal and probate support and guidance (with the option to purchase fixed cost Estate Administration services) to the friends and family of the deceased.

3) Towards the end of the Estate Administration process, often six to nine months after the death there is a natural opportunity to offer your organisation’s products and services to the deceased’s friends and family. Introducing these new investable clients to your business transforms an account closing process into a new client channel.

We offer easy to understand support and guidance on what to do when someone dies and the legal process around it. With an all-inclusive, fixed price and streamlined process, customers will receive first-rate customer service and receive their money more quickly.

By being proactive and providing the right advice at the right time there is an opportunity to retain wealth and deliver a better customer experience.