Specialist Public Sector Technology

Equiniti is a specialist provider of business process and technology solutions to the public sector.  

We have delivered excellence in Government services for over 175 years enabling our clients to operate faster, execute more effectively and provide greater reliability – helping to assure the things that “cannot be allowed to fail”. This assurance led to our selection as the private sector partner for the first Central Government Mutual Joint Venture – MyCSP.  

We are also an official supplier to the G-Cloud Framework, providing a suite of software applications, solutions and specialist outsourcing services. As a result, our clients gain access to the full range of skills and capabilities of Equiniti and benefit from the investments we have made in providing innovative platforms for the delivery of sustainable front and back office public services.

We work in partnership with the public sector to deliver innovative and collaborative solutions across central and local government including health, education, criminal justice, transport and defence.

We are dedicated to delivering first class management across all of our all public sector technology services including:

  • Case and complaints management
  • Microsoft technologies
  • Covert management systems

Case and Complaints Management

Equiniti provides case and complaint management solutions to some of the most highly regulated organisations in the UK.

Leading the way, we have already developed third generation case management technologies. Our innovative software handles over 4.5 million cases and complaints every year, incorporating market-leading technologies for document, database and process management.

Microsoft Technologies

We provide SharePoint Rapid Deployment and IT Services and Hosting to some of the most highly regulated public sector organisations in the UK. Find out more about these services in our dedicated technology section.

Covert Management Systems

Working with 50% of the Police Forces, we are the UK’s leading provider of source and covert authorities’ management software solutions.

We work closely with the police and other investigative bodies to provide a consistent approach for the conduct, management and analysis of source and covert surveillance activities for the detection and prevention of criminal activity.