Technology for Organisations

Equiniti’s sophisticated services are delivered through our market-leading technology, all of which is owned and developed by us. We invest heavily to ensure our clients, their customers, including shareholders and employees, and our consumers have access to up-to-the-minute technology.

We process huge volumes of transactions and payments each year, in fact, we process over £90 billion in payments through our technology platforms. Our technology is scaleable, providing assurances that we can meet the ever increasing demands of the markets we operate in.

Our services are delivered through these technology platforms and, in most cases, can be offered as an outsourced software solution:

  • Sirius is our custom-built registration management platform.
  • Selector is our corporate portal and provides our clients with easy access to live share registration data.
  • ESP Portal is our share plan portal for our clients’ employees.
  • Centive is our primary system for the administration of executive and discretionary share plans.
  • PeopleSpace is our total benefits online portal that includes rewards, benefits and self-service.
  • Xanite is our wealth management platform.
  • Compendia is our powerful web-based pension administration platform.
  • DataSure is our specialist pensions data analysis and migration software.
  • SuperVal is our market-leading actuarial valuation platform.
  • Case Management Software: we have a number of case management platforms to help our clients capture, investigate, and manage cases.
  • Complaints Handling Software: we have a number of software solutions to help our clients capture, manage and analyse complaints and feedback.
  • Loan Servicing Software: we have a number of software solutions for lenders.
  • PeopleAX is our HR and payroll administration software.
  • Equiniti 360 clinical provides an innovative range of software solutions to enable 360 degree feedback, appraisal and revalidation.
  • Microsoft Technologies: we are specialists in providing solutions using Microsoft technologies.