Equiniti’s executive and discretionary share plans administration software

Centive is our primary system for the administration of executive and discretionary share plans. Centive is a specialist platform to support the complex and varied nature of these types of share plans. Centive has a specialised web front end, which is presented to users as a website through a single login. This can be accessed as a stand-alone portal or direct from our All Employee portal the Equiniti ESP Portal and enables executives to enquire and transact across all of their share plans in one place.

Centive is also provided as an outsourced software solution which allows companies to administer their own plans in-house whilst ensuring that the plan and records are managed within specified parameters. Reporting is available to users within the software and Equiniti are also able to develop customised reports if required.

To support our clients that administer their plans in-house, we are able to provide resources during busy periods and all of the additional services that our outsource clients enjoy, including shareholder services, share dealing, global nominee services and ongoing investment vehicles e.g. ISAs.