Complaints Handling Software

Equiniti’s complaint handling software solutions

Complaints handling – Enterprise edition

Our complaints handling platform enables our clients to adopt a consistent and integrated approach to capturing, managing and analysing complaints and feedback. As an enterprise deployment it breaks down departmental silos providing a holistic customer view that is second to none. We help businesses to achieve a strategic step-change that is proven to deliver an enhanced customer experience, improve customer efficiency, and drive business improvements, while at the same time yield significant cost reductions and efficiency gains. Renowned for its flexibility, reliability and powerful root cause analysis and Management Information reporting capabilities, our complaints handling platform delivers real business benefits with a measurable return on investment.

Mycustomerfeedback - Complaints handling for SMEs

In a web connected world, customer feedback can have a significant impact on brand, reputation and business success., is a web-based complaints solution that allows our clients manage customer complaints and feedback to give your company a competitive edge and reduce the risk of lost business.

Social Media Triage

Businesses are under constant pressure to handle growing volumes of customer contact, often with fewer staff, and customers are choosing to use social channels to communicate as they believe they will get a faster and more favourable response.

Providing excellent social customer service in the contact centre is possible with our latest, dedicated application that enables rapid assessment and prioritisation of social customer comment.

Key features:

  • Prioritise posts from multiple social media accounts and multiple social media channels
  • Automatically prioritise work to limit social risk/exposure
  • Reply to social media posts in a controlled/streamlined way – private or public posts
  • Quality Assure social responses, and enforce the “corporate voice” through pre-defined response templates
  • Build a social history to track repeat complainers
  • Escalate complaints into a comprehensive (regulatory compliant) complaint management system