Loan Servicing Software

Equiniti’s software for lenders

CORE PANCREDIT is a complete loan application, administration and collections system.

The software offers unparalleled functionality in a flexible and scalable application and can be delivered on-site or as a hosted service.

Core Pancredit supports the full range of lending products including unsecured, secured and asset based. As a fully integrated application, it comes with a number of supporting modules which provide different groups of users with an appropriate interface to access the system:

Front Office – through our web-based workflow driven application, call centre or branch staff can easily perform all customer facing functions.

Back Office – primarily used by finance staff and system administrators our Windows-based application provides sophisticated tools for back office users to undertake complex or rarely performed tasks.

Control Panel – a graphical tool that enables risk managers to build comprehensive credit and risk strategies within MADE.

MADE - a Multi-Agency Decision Engine that allows risk managers to implement their credit and risk policies and automate underwriting of loan applications. It uses an applicant’s credit profile to calculate a risk-based price or determine the products for which an applicant qualifies. MADE can also perform electronic ID checks and triangulates an applicant’s address with their bank and credit/debit card details.

Panintelligence – is a browser based, real-time dashboard that allows management to determine Key Performance Indicators across all areas of the business. Targets can be set for new business, credit and risk, customer servicing and collections. The dashboard can be made accessible, throughout the organisation structure. Staff at all levels will be alerted when positive or negative thresholds are crossed.