Microsoft Technologies

Infrastructure and Hosting

Equiniti delivers managed IT services to some of the most highly regulated organisations in the UK. With over 600 physical and 2,700 virtual servers, our clients trust us with over 1PB of data.

We have extensive platform capabilities from dedicated to cloud infrastructure which are complemented by extensive experience in deployment and management on most operating systems. Equiniti is the ideal partner for delivering reliable managed IT services for line of business solutions. That’s why our clients trust their IT infrastructure to Equiniti and reap the advantages of our service-based model, stringent security and dedicated customer service.

SharePoint Rapid Configuration and Deployment

Equiniti’s rapid deployment tool makes it possible to go from ‘zero’ to a fully configured and customised SharePoint solution based on business needs within minutes.

It takes the complex act of configuration and customisation and quickly provides a solution which is simple and easy to use, typically providing 50 to 70 per cent savings over a traditional manual approach.

SharePoint, which has a number of uses ranging from Intranets to document and record management, is an enterprise collaboration platform that enables an organisation to share content and empower its employees and stakeholders to engage with each other from any location at any time.

Microsoft CRM

Equiniti delivers Microsoft CRM solutions that drive efficiencies into business processes. We help improve the management of cases, complaints and Freedom of Information requests which delivers excellent client services each and every time there is interaction with a customer or citizen.

Microsoft CRM can be customised to suit organisational needs. It can be deployed on-site, via the cloud or as an Equiniti-hosted solution.

We can provide:

Freedom of Information
Every government body is obligated to conform with the Freedom of Information (FOI) Act 2000, which requires an organisation to progress and respond to enquiries within a certain timeframe. The challenge is making sure that the requests are logged and routed to the correct individual so that the requests are serviced quickly and cost-effectively.

Case Management
As a trusted provider of case management solutions to the private and public sector we incorporate Microsoft technologies for document, database and process management.

Our case management solutions are flexible and customisable for any organisation, whatever the specific case management requirements. We ensure that formal case management processes are observed, documents and data are stored securely and accountability is kept for all key decisions.

Complaint Management
Our complaint management software provides accountability throughout the complaint process, enabling organisations to stay within legislation. It can also be customised to handle complaint processes in a range of different regulatory and business environments. Our complaint management software is used within the financial services and public sector.