A refreshingly new online employee portal with simplicity at its core.

An innovative approach to employee empowerment and engagement, it combines rewards, benefits and self-service seamlessly via a single view.

PeopleSpace allows employees to view, update and use employee-specific information relating to their total employee benefits and HR requirements:

PeopleSpace is modular in design and offers our clients total flexibility – which means they can select as many or as few modules as required.

Developed using the latest techniques, PeopleSpace has the best-in-class design, quality and functionality. It can be customised to meet brand requirements and is easily accessed online via a web-browser.

For employers PeopleSpace:

  • Enables self-service, empowering individuals to take control
  • Increases employee engagement, retention and productivity
  • Reduces the number of queries received by the HR department
  • Enhances visibility of trends

For employees PeopleSpace:

  • Provides simple, at-a-glance visibility of rewards, benefits and HR-related information from a single portal
  • Enables secure access from ‘anywhere’ 
  • Increases control of personal information, rewards and benefits