Prequel is Equiniti’s biometric identity verification solution

Prequel is a technology enabled solution which automates the process of verifying an end user’s identity or existence with a few easy steps that are simple for consumers and secure for our clients.

Equiniti has developed a unique combination of face recognition, voice recognition and document verification that will allow your organisation to cut costs, improve on-boarding rates and reduce your levels of fraudulent activity.

It establishes a concrete audit trail for transactions, helps reduce identity fraud at the point of services, protects customer identities and improves customer service and brand sentiment.

Prequel uses a combination of biometric techniques to create a multi-factor authentication mechanism which includes:


  • Document verification;
  • Voice recognition;
  • Facial recognition;
  • Device and Geolocation recognition;
  • Using NFC technology where present to capture data from passport chip to provide further validation.


We provide organisations with a complete solution by delivering:

 End to end integrated solution

  • Integrated biometrics solution (Face, Voice, Document Management) with case management, management information dashboards and predictive analytics.  Supported by Equiniti Contact Centre for exception management.

 Frictionless Customer Experience

  • Seamlessly balances convenience for the customer with solid security.  Enables you to attract new customers, retain existing, up-sell and differentiate your brand.

 Enhanced Security

  • Providing a future proofed biometrics platform with Daon’s Identity X platform.


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