Equiniti’s registration administration software

Sirius is our custom-built registration management platform and is used to complete many of our registration activities including: share registration administration, dividend payments, AGM/EGM meeting management, corporate actions, such as Initial Public Offerings (IPOs) and Rights Issues, and much more. Sirius also provides the foundation of our market leading and real-time Shareholder, Client and Employee portals, Shareview, Selector and ESP Portal.

Sirius enables our operational teams and complementing technologies to work in perfect harmony, providing our clients with the highest quality of service. In addition, our award-winning Contact Centre has visibility of all data stored in Sirius to provide seamless shareholder support.

The design of our platform allows for the rapid introduction of changes. It is built to accommodate new services, in-line with any specific client or task requirement, as well as legislative and regulatory requirements.  In order to do this the design includes considerations for scalability and the platform already supports many 10’s of millions of accounts.