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EQ Core Brand Principles

Brand guardianship is about presenting our business in a unified way and ensuring those who interact with us understand who we are and what we stand for.

To guide you through the EQ brand, we have a dedicated brand team that is happy to assist if you need any help.

Contact the brand team

EQ’s well-defined and consistent brand strategy builds trust and protects our reputation. We aim to portray the authenticity of our brand in everything we do and showcase the elements which make EQ unique across geographies, divisions and functions.

In addition to the principles below, the brand centre gives you access to a range of tools, guidelines, materials, images and logos which help you create the right impact with our brand.

Thank you for your help in strengthening our brand and our business.

Here are four core principles that will help keep us on track:


It starts with the EQ Dot – brandmark creation and trademarking

To protect our reputation and corporate image, we need to protect our name and logo. We should use our brand consistently and use our master corporate brand, the EQ Dot, avoiding excessive use of any sub-brand logos that remain.

What if I want a new logo?

  • Please contact the brand team to discuss the development of any new logos.
  • New trademark requests should also be requested through the brand team.


The master corporate brand for our business is the EQ Dot, this brandmark can be found on our brand library. This has replaced the Equiniti logo and is what you now see when you go to our corporate website and social media channels.

The EQ Dot should be used wherever possible to represent our business. This reinforces the breadth of services which EQ offers and supports our vision of becoming the leading global share registrar, offering complementary services to our client base.

Divisional areas such as UK Shareholder Services and Retirement Solutions are represented by the EQ dot.

The use of sub-brands dilutes the brand structure and vies for attention and resources, it can also be confusing for customers.

You can access approved logos on the brand library. If you need anything further, please contact the brand team. Please note that the creation of brandmarks such as team, project, or department logos will be kept to a minimum and will only be created in exceptional circumstances.

What about trademarking?

It’s important that any new business or products names are directed through the brand team. We will then work with the legal team to ensure we can gain the right protections for EQ within the trademarking categories we operate in.


  • Quality is key – visual consistency  – our design standards have been created by adapting and applying best practice and modern thinking. They should be applied consistently across all visual applications – print, digital, social and events

  • Simple and unfussy – use minimal and reduced elements, do not overcrowd or use items to fill a space unnecessarily

  • Elegant and bright – use vibrant imagery and lots of white space and aim to keep text to a minimum

  • Functional and clear – ensure that what you’re creating has a clear purpose, keep content concise with strong call to actions and a clear visual hierarchy

EQ is also defined by how our audiences connect with us. Our editorial perspective focuses on telling stories and sharing how we do things in a way which is real for our customers.


Keeping the brand agile

Access EQ Lightbox for the latest brand assets

As a company with an international reach, operating in an environment which grows and pivots, our brand needs to be agile to adapt to changes.

To keep up with business trends, innovation and marketing solutions, we will release an updated set of guidance via the EQ Brand Centre on an annual basis. This will no longer be available in a downloadable or PDF format to ensure everyone can keep up with the latest changes.

All best practice imagery, assets and templates will be available via the brand library, EQ Lightbox. Please refer to the library on a regular basis for new items. You will require login credentials to access this which can be requested by clicking ‘request account’ on the home page.


Keeping things running smoothly – brand process

Request all brand projects and creative work via EQ Smartbox

All EQ brand projects should be booked in with the Creative and Brand team via the workflow management system EQ Smartbox. You will require login credentials to access this system which can be requested by clicking ‘register as new user’ on the home page.

If anything has been created outside of the brand team you must seek brand approval – by emailing the brand team with full details of the project, allowing sufficient time for the team to review and respond. We will endeavour to respond as soon as we can, but please allow 48 hours for a reply.

We have detected that you are in United States. We think that Equiniti US would be more suited to deal with your needs.