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50226EQG Eqdot Page

Full Colour

The full colour logo consists of EQ red and white. Always use the full coloured version of the EQ Dot where possible to reinforce the brand.

50226EQG Eqdot Page3


The mono version should only be used when it is not possible to use the logo in full colour, i.e. when limited to printing in black only.

Logo Scale

Minimum Size
The EQ dot should not scale smaller than 8mm.

Standard Formats
Use the logo sizes shown here for standard formats, for both landscape and portrait documents.

For US Use
For EQ by Equiniti (US) please ensure you use the existing logo in conjunction with the EQ Dot.



Clear Zones And Positioning

Logo Clear Zones
To give the EQ dot more prominence there should be sufficient clear space around it, with the exception of imagery, as long as the EQ dot is clearly seen.

The clear zone should be a minimum of 12.7mm – i.e. if the EQ dot scales to 8mm (our smallest scale) then the EQ dot will have a clear zone of 10mm) but if the EQ dot scales to larger than 10mm then the clear zone is defined by the height of the EQ.

The EQ dot should be on all collateral and can be positioned left, right or centrally aligned and at either the top or bottom.



Logo Backgrounds

Full Colour
Use the full coloured version of the EQ dot where possible, where it is clearly legible.

Mono Version
The mono version can be used as an alternative if there are print restrictions.


Across Channels

Online/Electronic Publications
By default the RGB EQ dot is used. If this is not legible choose an alternative image which is more suitable.

Social Media
You do not need to the add the EQ dot to web banners unless you are specifically referencing the brand itself. If the article is not to be hosted by EQ then use the full colour RGB EQ dot on the web banner.

Online Storytelling And Case Studies
If you are using an EQ templated storytelling platform the branding should already be in place. If the platform used is generic then the RGB full colour EQ dot should be used.

Exhibition Stands And Large Scale
On large scale print where you need to see branding at a distance, scale as much as you think is appropriate. If you are unsure use the scale formula, positioning and clear zones initially. All branding will need to be approved through the brand team. Please send any brand work that requires approval to the brand team.

Exploratory Channels
There are no rules to the exploratory channels. The brand aspects are open for more creative use of the branding. Providing the brand team have oversight each step of the way. Opening up to experimentation can lead to new and inspiring ideas as long as good judgement is used and your rationale is explained.

You can find all versions of the EQ dot on EQLightbox.

Co-branding And Third-party Endorsements

If you require a co-branded logo lock-up, please contact the brand team.

Third-party Endorsements
We are happy for all reputable third parties to use the EQ name and brandmark in news releases, articles placed in trade or other publications. Please seek approval from the brand team for anything other than this.

We have detected that you are in United States. We think that Equiniti US would be more suited to deal with your needs.