Photography and Imagery

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People – Reportage

This focuses on the person or a number of people, it should document experiences and interactions in our environments, other business settings or lifestyle settings. The shot should tell a story and capture a moment in time.

  • Tell a story – movements and moments in time
  • Reflect our world-wide workforce
  • Reflect our personality and values
  • Capture people experiencing interactions, emotions and authenticity
  • Reflect the chemistry between colleagues, clients and friends
  • Capture real life in an uncontrived way

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People – Portraiture

This captures individuals in a more professional stance and are used for channels such as or social media. This concentrates on faces and should reflect personalities. Either capture this shot on a neutral background with the person wearing neutral, muted colours and limited patterns, or preferably, capture them in the reportage style, described above, where you capture them in the moment and create a close crop of the overall image.

  • Capture the person in a space/environment reflective of what they do where possible
  • Show more than just head and shoulders, try to capture from the waist up
  • They don’t always need to be looking at the camera

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Buildings And Architecture

Architecture is a good way to portray stability, strength and balance. This imagery should be of abstract nature, using sections and crops of dynamic structures and should be bold or striking in colour.

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Our use of landscapes and location settings are to reflect scale and reach and how we operate globally. They are also used to portray subjects that are otherwise harder to represent, such as change and regulation. 

  • The image should be vast
  • Add a human perspective where possible and showcase spaces in use
  • Where possible images should be situated in locations where we operate i.e. Europe, UK, India or US

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One of our key focuses is to represent our proprietary technology, we do this by using images of people who are deemed to be using these products. Vector mockups can also be used to show screenshots of our platforms.

Tech Mockup

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Our icons are an outlined object, symbol or action. Use these to represent subjects or as a meaningful extension of words. These are not to be used for decoration or filling space. The icons should always be a solid colour.

Icons are created by the brand team to a design formula, if you require an icon which isn’t represented on EQLightbox please request it by contacting the brand team.

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