Our system font

Our system font is Calibri, this should be used for Word documents, PowerPoint presentations and when Avenir LT Pro is not available.


Basic Typography

Headline, Subheading and Body Copy
Certain weights and colours should be used for different type applications to maintain the text hierarchy. This will communicate a consistent brand identity across all EQ platforms. To the left are examples of the relationship between weights and text hierarchy and how they work together.

Pull Quote
Pull quotes use sentence case, to communicate a more approachable tone of voice.

Outlined Text
Use Avenir LT Pro Black for cover page titles or statements and use a stroke to add emphasis and highlight key words – the stroke should be a minimum of 1pt. Only capital letters should be used for outlined text.

General typesetting specification

  • Always use a capital EQ when writing in a sentence.

  • All text should be set using standard sentence case. Do not capitalise the first letter of words in sub headings, unless they are names.

  • If a title caption is used in adverts or promotional documents, this can be set as uppercase.

  • As body text, Avenir should be typeset with a standard character and line spacing and should always offer maximum legibility to its audience. Letter spacing and justification which results in wide or non-uniform word spacing should be avoided.

  • Never allow the typeface to be distorted or modified in any way and always take care to apply the type in appropriate sizes and colours for the design.

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