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Annuity Survey 2014 627X300

Annual Annuity Survey 2014

Thursday, 10 July 2014

Equiniti's annual annuity survey, which highlights the new liberalisation of the annuity market.

Welcome to the 2014 Annual Annuity Survey conducted by Equiniti.

This year the survey has taken on a more important role in gathering an early insight into the potential impact of the Chancellor’s Budget announcement on 19 March 2014. 

In this announcement, major changes were directed towards the liberalisation of the annuity market. The survey was conducted in March 2014 and sought the views of professionals throughout the Annuity industry including: product and service providers; retirement planning consultants; employee benefit consultants; regulators and influential bodies.

Equiniti is confident that the content of this survey will help inform all those who are currently wrestling with addressing the immediate impact on the annuity market and in anticipating the longer-term ramifications for the retirement sector.

Equiniti anticipates the needs of our clients and of their customers, and is already responding to the immediate requirements for both pensions and annuity administration and are working with our clients to plan the road ahead. The world of retirement has fundamentally changed. There is, however, confidence that annuities will always have a place in this market.

There is also recognition that the new products, services and guidance regimes need to be established to support an ageing population with increasingly complex retirement decisions to make. Retirement is a journey and no longer an event.