5 Planning Tips For End Of Life Admin

Equiniti Benefactor provides some key considerations


Don’t wait to cross that bridge until you come to it

Our own mortality. We shouldn’t hide from it but it is not an easy thing to think about. From a practical perspective, for our nearest and dearest at least, we should be thinking about our end of life and how we can get organised. There are many ways to get prepared such as writing a will to keeping documents in a safe place. By thinking about things now and putting a plan in place, you will be reducing the amount of time you will need to think about it in the future. Leaving you the head space to get on and live life to the full.


A problem shared is a problem halved

Preparing for the future always takes time and effort. Preparing your end of life admin is of no exception. Unsurprisingly, with this decision making process comes a great deal of emotional baggage (usually a whole life’s load). Sharing the planning with your loved ones or a professional can help. We can also lighten the load if plans haven't been made. We can give you the guidance to get you organised. Our caring team can give you all the help you need; step by step. We will also provide you with all levels of support as and when you need it.


A stitch in time saves nine

Making a will is not as hard or as expensive as you think. It will (excuse the pun) make all the difference to your nearest and dearest as and when they have to sort out your estate. Not only will it save time, it will also ensure that your final wishes are honoured. What’s the worst that can happen without a will? Without a will, there are default laws regarding inheritance. These often surprise those who don’t know too much about them. For example, if you were living with a partner but not married and had children, your children might inherit all your belongings leaving your partner without a thing. A will clearly defines your wishes as to where and whom your belongings, property and assets go to. There are many ways to make a will and these are not all expensive.


Get your ducks in a row

You may be an organised person, keeping all your important documentation all in one place. But many people are not, with information here, there and everywhere throughout the house. Some people think this is the safest approach. But when it comes to shuffling off this mortal coil, our loved ones may end up going on a wild goose chase to find all the important paperwork needed to register the death. Perhaps you could consider buying a safe box to store your documents or telling your loved ones where important documents are if ever they need to know? To give you an idea, these are the types of documentation and information that you need to register the death, at least:

Birth Certificate
NHS Medical Card or Number
Marriage or Civil Partnership Certificate


The ball is in your court

It is difficult to imagine a time when we might need another to make key decisions for us. But wouldn’t you want to know that if you did have to give that control to someone else, it would be the person who would make the very best decisions on your behalf? That’s what a Power of Attorney does; makes decisions for you if you do not have the mental capacity to do so. Whilst you still have your wits about you, it is a good opportunity to consider who you would like your Power of Attorney to be and obviously discuss this with them. In a similar way, an Executor is given the duty to ensure a will is honoured
and the estate is distributed as per your wishes. Again, whilst in sound mind, it is wise to think about who you’d prefer this to be. At this point, the power is your hands and the ball is in your court.

Equiniti Benefactor can help you get organised with your end of life admin.

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