How Much Does the Right Bereavement Process Cost?

The cost of providing the right support to bereaved customers could be more than you think.

At times of bereavement, it is more important than ever that customer service is of the highest standard and at a realistic cost to the organisation.

On average, a bereaved customer has to notify over 20 organisations on the death of a loved one and each notification requires a certain level of care and sensitivity to provide customers with the additional support they need at a particularly difficult time.

The Equiniti Benefactor calculator uses industry standard data to predict the potential cost of the death notification process to an organisation. Using a few calculations we can provide information on the average cost of notification, potential cost to the organisation and the resource necessary to provide the level of support your customers need.

If you have any questions on this calculator or want to find out more, contact the Equiniti Benefactor team at benefactor@equiniti.com