Telephone Number changes

What is happening and how you can reach us

What are we doing?

We’re improving our telephone systems across Equiniti, to make sure we can carry on answering your calls no matter where we are in terms of lockdown or other COVID-related changes. We’ve been looking for ways to do this without changing the numbers you use to reach us. Unfortunately, although we have been able to keep a lot of the same numbers, some will have to change.

Which numbers are changing and when?

We will have to change any number that starts with ‘01’, for example, ‘0121, 01293 or 01903.

From 14 May 2021, you will not be able to contact us on any number that starts with ‘01’ (whether telephone or fax and whether calling from the UK or overseas).

We are working now to update all references to numbers to replace any ‘01’ numbers and we are also updating the messaging when you call us to let you know in advance about this change.

Where can you find the new number to use?

We have different numbers for different pension schemes; this means when you call, we can make sure you reach the right people to help you. We therefore have different new numbers depending on which pension scheme you are calling about.

For most of the pension schemes we look after, the new numbers will be shown on the relevant scheme website, so please check online before calling. The new numbers are up and running, so you can start to use them straight away.

The following pension schemes do not currently have a website or do not publish our contact details on their website. If you are calling in respect of one of these schemes, please use the number next to the relevant ‘Pension Scheme Name’ in the table below. The new numbers are already in place, so you can start to use them straightaway – no need to wait until 14 May.

Pension Scheme Name

New Number


0203 890 2148

Allgood Holdings

0345 268 0287

BMT (British Maritime Technology)

0345 268 0287


0345 268 0287

Grand Lodge of Scotland

0345 268 0287


0345 268 0287


0345 268 0287


0333 207 6548

Jacobs Engineering

0333 207 6518


0345 268 0287

NUJ (National Union of Journalists)

0345 268 0287

Old Bushmills

0345 268 0287

Perivale Gutermann

0345 268 0287

Santander Deposit AVC Account

0203 890 2161

Security and Printing Services (SPSL, 3M)

0203 890 2148

Sigma Aldrich

0345 268 0287

Please note that these numbers are designed to be used only for calls relating to these schemes. If your enquiry relates to any other pension scheme, we recommend you check the relevant scheme website to get the right number to use instead. If you use one of the numbers above, whilst you will reach someone, they won’t be the best person to help you as they will not know about your pension scheme.

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