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EQ Virtual Roundtable

On 21st May, Equiniti ran a virtual roundtable discussion group on the impact of payment holidays and the increase in vulnerable customers resulting from the coronavirus pandemic.

Bringing together lenders and financial firms with our own industry experts, this fully interactive webinar discussed:

  • The fast changing regulatory landscape, and how effective communication from both regulator and government has been.
  • How firms have met the dual challenges of continuing to provide a high level of service to their worried customers alongside the substantial operational upheaval of having to get their own staff working from home, all in a very short space of time.
  • The fact that we could all now be classified as vulnerable customers, and what that means for how companies engage with their customers, and identify and treat different types of vulnerability.
  • What, if any, changes are likely to be made to lending strategies and affordability assessments given the uncharted territory we are all entering – and how far ahead can firms really look with any certainty?
  • How businesses can be proactive in communicating with customers and actively looking for changes in customer behaviour and demand as the fallout from the pandemic continues.
  • What future scenarios may look like, both internally and externally, and the importance of supporting staff as well as customers throughout this difficult time.

All our roundtable groups operate under Chatham House rules to enable open and free flowing discussion between peers. If you would like to find out more about our roundtables and attend them in the future, please get in touch with or