Proposed Expansion of the Dormant Assets Scheme
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Proposed Expansion Of The Dormant Assets Scheme

The Government’s consultation on the proposed expansion of the Dormant Assets Scheme across multiple asset types within the financial services industry is currently open and is due to close on 16 July 2020.

Join key industry leaders as they discuss and share their experiences of the existing scheme, their thoughts on the proposed expansion and next steps.

  • Steve Banfield – Equiniti
  • Adrian Smith –  Reclaim Fund
  • Anne-Marie Robinson – Reclaim Fund
  • Esme Clifford Astbury – Department for Digital, Culture, Media & Sport

Hear about the background to the current scheme and insights into the good causes it supports.  We address the proposed scope of assets and examine the current and future definition of dormancy. 

To help you respond to the consultation, we take a look at this in more detail, highlighting some of the key questions impacting the securities industry.

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