2019 Proxy Season Trends by Boudicca
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2019 Proxy Season Trends By Boudicca

22 August 2019

As the peak of 2019 AGM season eases off, we get the opportunity to take stock of what happened in the proxy voting arena and consider how our predictions and expectations played out.

In our 2019 Season Forecast, we anticipated a general toughening up of investor policies, with Boards being made to feel more accountable for the decisions they have made and the practices they have applied. This did indeed materialise, and we have witnessed an upturn in dissent expressed against individual directors held accountable for upholding disagreeable practices; or for a lack of responsiveness to the concerns of investors and Proxy Advisers.

About this report

This report analyses the voting outcomes of this year’s AGMs and develops three trends that have dominated the proxy voting arena for 2019: 

  • Board Accountability
  • Shareholder Activism
  • Socio-Political Concerns

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