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2019 Q1 IPO Review

09 April 2019

UK IPO Market – Q1 Round Up

The contraction in UK IPO activity that began in the second half of 2018 has continued into the first quarter of 2019. Equiniti's Q1 update looks at whether fundamental issues are affecting IPOs globally or whether London’s downturn is a purely Brexit-related phenomenon.

In 2017 there were 104 IPOs on the LSE, recording the highest annual number of equity transactions since 2008. 2018 however, saw that number drop to 79 IPOs and 2019 looks likely to see a fall in numbers. While London continues to lead Europe in the IPO market with a 73% market share, does this reflect a worldwide trend in equity market activity or is the UK stuck in the kitchen while everyone else is enjoying an IPO party? Download our Q1 update to learn more.

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