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2020 With Purpose

22 June 2020

To represent our journey to a more purposeful organisation, Equiniti is becoming EQ. Chief Executive, Guy Wakeley explains.

“Equiniti is maturing into a larger, international business, with a reach and a scale far beyond our domestic UK markets. And as we grow into a broader, and more purposeful organisation, Equiniti is becoming EQ.”

Our world is changing. Customers have big expectations, digitisation is revolutionising how we interact and many of us are concerned about our impact on the environment. Businesses need to respond to this new reality.

As well as rebranding as EQ, we have thought long and hard about who we are, how we can continue to be relevant, and we have rethought our purpose. We stand as a business that clients can be proud to partner with, whose success is based on a broader range of measures than simply generating profit. Guy explains what this looks like for EQ.

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