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2021 Q1 IPO Review

Tuesday, 4 May 2021

We marvel at the rapid expansion of SPACs and the flying start to the year for global exchanges.

In this quarter’s update…

An update on global markets.

Q1 appears undaunted by ripple effects of COVID-19 across the world and the shaky handover of power in Washington, with global markets off to a flying start. The NY exchange had its strongest quarter since the pandemic first hit, and London saw its largest IPO since 2011. Shanghai also gained recognition for playing its part in China’s Silk Road programme.  As the quarter drew to a close however, several high-profile techs found a cooler reception from the markets on debut.

2021: A SPAC Odyssey

As well as a roundup on the latest global listings (including London, The US, Hong Kong, and China), the Q1 review looks into the rise of SPACs and their surge in popularity which sees them rivalling IPOs as a way of taking companies public. We delve into the performance of SPACs and where they get their growing pulling power from.

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