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4 Top Tips For A Happy Hiring Experience

Monday, 13 January 2020

Looking to recruit a new member for your workforce?

As a business you will want to give potential candidates a great first impression so that they want to come on board, and this begins during the hiring process.

While companies must carry out the necessary screening checks to validate a person’s identity and qualifications, it is equally important to ensure the candidate is engaged and supported throughout the experience. Almost 40% of businesses have lost candidates due to them having had a poor experience with background checks.

What makes an exceptional onboarding experience? Check out our essential tips below to help you deliver a happier hiring experience for prospective employees.

Let them know it’s you

The background checking process is all about getting to know the candidate, but what about the candidate getting to know your business?

The background checking process is likely the first interaction the candidate will have with your business, making it the ideal opportunity to establish a positive relationship with the applicant.

Using a fully branded background checking platform is a simple touch which will go a long way in making applicant’s feel engaged with the company. Seeing the business name and logo will help prospective employees to recognise your brand and be confident that all communications are coming from your HR team.

Give the candidate control

The hiring process with all its questions and regulations can be overwhelming for candidates. Businesses can take away some of this stress by giving applicants as much visibility as possible during background checks so that they know exactly what is happening. Full transparency allows candidates to easily track their application, identify forms to be filled in, see where decisions are pending from the company’s side and add their own comments to results. From a GDPR-perspective, it is further required that candidates always have visibility over their data.

Putting the candidate in control also means giving them the freedom to view their application, anytime and anywhere. Candidates will likely be checking their application process from their smart phones and tablets. Background checks should be easily accessible across any platform so that candidates can easily check the status, upload any information or get in touch with the HR team.

Quick and easy

The User Experience is another important consideration during background checks. If the interface is clunky or if it is tricky to upload documents, candidates will be frustrated and might even abandon the process altogether.

Applicants will appreciate an intuitive-to-use system which makes it quick and easy to enter their personal information. Assuring candidates that their data is also held securely will put them at ease and show that they can trust your company. An efficient onboarding process saves time for candidates and ensures the best person for the role is hired as soon as possible.


Background checks typically involve a variety of processes and hiring personnel, with emails flying out to candidates asking for different forms and documents. Unsurprisingly, communication can become confusing. Using a single, shared platform to manage checks will streamline communications between all parties and simplify the experience for applicants. This further helps candidates to have a clear overview of the process so that they know what is required and who to contact for support.

A positive candidate experience begins during the background checking stage. Businesses should look at an intuitive platform which makes the process simple, clear and efficient for applicants, giving them the confidence to engage with your company.