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4 Ways To Improve Portfolio Monitoring

06 May 2020

Our team have pulled together some tips on how our Macro Analysis module can improve portfolio monitoring.

This week our experts have created a short guide which explains how the EQ Riskfactor Macro Analysis module can help you to overcome some of the additional reporting challenges linked to Covid-19.

  • How do cash collections compare to last month?
  • Which industries are showing the highest debt-turn?
  • How do FIU / availability levels compare against historic trends?

The Macro Analysis module takes a more holistic view of the whole client base providing an easy comparison of portfolios.

4 ways Macro Analysis helps you to compare your portfolio

Compare client manager portfolios

Which client managers have the portfolios with the highest average Riskscore or DSO? Could they benefit from extra support?

Compare customers within an industry

Are there any clients which appear to be trading exceptionally well in an industry that has stalled?

Compare industries against each other, based upon a client’s own industry

The food industry is one of the few industries appearing to do well – but how well are those who supply food to the restaurant industry doing, compared to those supplying supermarkets?

Comparison reports

Based on cash collections, industry DSO can be run daily, weekly or monthly and sent direct to your in-box to save you time.

Talk to our team now and find out how Macro Analysis can help you. Contact us for a demo.

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