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2024 CGPro Network Monthly Update - May

Friday, 31 May 2024

In the UK, summer is on the horizon, with sunlight, warmth and growth, and therein lies the parallel with the 2024 AGM proxy season. Major achievements have been delivered, such as Annual Report publications, releasing the Notice of AGM and for many, holding their AGMs.

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EQ Key Developments In The Financial Services Industry Q2 2024 And Beyond
article Corporate Governance

Key Developments In The Financial Services Industry: Q2 2024 And Beyond

Thursday, 30 May 2024

Steve Banfield - Industry Director at EQ - shares reflections on significant industry developments throughout Q2 and looks ahead to the remainder of 2024.

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EQ Proxy Engagement Research From Global Investors
article Corporate Governance

The Proof Is In The Proxy: Proxy Engagement Research Findings From Global Investors, AllianceBernstein

Tuesday, 21 May 2024

In March 2024, global investors AllianceBernstein, published the findings of their five-year research work, analysing their own voting records from 2019 to 2022, to find that shareholder returns were stronger in companies where they had fully supported all resolutions at shareholder meetings.

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EQ Research And Engagement Are Key When Disapplying Pre Emption Rights
article Corporate Governance

Research And Engagement Are Key When Disapplying Pre-Emption Rights

Friday, 17 May 2024

Until recently, pre-emption rights did not come up in conversation very often, despite the fact they are one of the privileges shareholders prize most highly.

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EQ Climate Change Resolutions
article Corporate Governance

EQ Advisory: Climate Change Resolutions

Thursday, 21 March 2024

In this article, our EQ Advisory Corporate Governance team explore what climate related resolutions are and why it’s important for companies to understand the trend surrounding this.

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EQ Watch Now Cgpro Network AGM Forum Webinar
video Corporate Governance

Watch Now: CGPro Network AGM Forum Webinar

Thursday, 7 March 2024

Watch our most recent webinar to help you prepare for the 2024 AGM season. Whether its stakeholder voting themes (investors and proxy advisors) or logistical considerations, we cover key matters in the run up to an AGM.

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