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EQ Boardroom Bulletin – March 2019

01 March 2019

Welcome to our monthly bulletin of what’s happening within the financial services industry that impacts the share registration and employee share plans space. 

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Three Pension Engagement Trends For 2019

21 February 2019

Pensions engagement has often lagged behind the ‘cutting edge’ of communications technology, but over the past few years, it’s been catching up and at last the gap seems to be closing.

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Making Sense Of The Proxy Voting Chain

18 February 2019

The proxy voting chain is the complex flow of parties and processes involved in the execution of voting instructions. In the UK, this ecosystem is complex, opaque and even anachronistic. It comprises multiple intermediaries between company and investor, adding layers of complexity and presenting the potential for many mistakes. 

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How To Prevent News Of A Cold Snap Causing Call Centre Panic

14 February 2019

When temperatures plummet, companies face a double-pronged attack on call centre capacity: staff struggle to make it in, while customer calls rise due to bereavements. So how can companies not just cope but treat the situation as business-as-usual? Michael Kennelly, Business Development Director at Equiniti, explains.

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Top Tips For HR: Getting To Grips With Your Employees’ Money Management Needs

08 February 2019

Financial wellbeing matters: to business and employees. However, simply putting in place a ‘tool’ to help – whether that be an EAP, Auto Enrolment or debt repayment support – isn’t the answer.

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Employee Services

Why Financial Wellbeing Doesn’t Meet Present-Day Needs

08 February 2019

At a time when companies are competing for the best young talent, it could pay for employers to offer the kind of targeted support that the younger generation need.

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