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A positive trend in SIP and SAYE

02 July 2014

Paul Matthews talks about the HMRC Employee Share Schemes Statistics report.

Paul Matthews, Managing Director of Corporate Markets at Equiniti, says:

“The HMRC Employee Share Schemes Statistics report covering 2012-2013 tax year data, shows a positive trend in SIP and SAYE with employees seeing increasing benefits from their companies’ all employee share plans.


As share prices increase, we are seeing rising values in the SIPs that we administer (the number of participants is rising as well as the average plan holding value).

SAYE (Sharesave)

As share prices increase, more Sharesave plans are ‘above water’ i.e. the market price is higher than the option price. Options granted when the market was lower had lower option prices, and the current plans reaching maturity (which employees joined three/five years ago) are seeing some significant gains being made by employees. 

Over the past year, these plans have continued to expand due to new companies coming to the market, rising share prices and more recently increases in plan limits”.

Below is a diagram representing the scope and range of employee services that Equiniti delivers to the market:

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