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Adding value

10 April 2014

Equiniti and Orient Capital give clients access to the best share analysis system available in new partnership

As modern technology continues to develop, the demand for readily available information is growing. This has extended into the share analysis world, where clients are keen to see technology working with them to provide a quicker and more succinct approach to share analysis reporting.

Investor Analytics is an area of the Equiniti business that has recently transformed its client offering by partnering with Orient Capital, a global leader in share ownership analysis. “Equiniti was really keen to enhance the suite of services it was offering to its clients in the Investor Analytics space, and leading edge technology was key to being able to offer this,” explains Louise Rutter, Investor Analytics Manager at Equiniti. “We already had a good relationship with Orient Capital and we were aware of its strengths on the technology front. By partnering with them we were able to combine our strengths as share registrars with Orient Capital’s unique technology offering, to provide our clients with the best analytics service in the marketplace. This partnership also allows us to turn things around much more quickly for our clients,” says Louise.

Orient Capital

David and his team’s expertise in this area appealed to Equiniti. “We wanted to partner with someone that could help us enhance our offering to our clients. Now that we have Orient Capital on board, we have a greater depth of experience in the marketplace to offer our clients,” says Paul Matthews, Managing Director of Corporate Markets at Equiniti.

The positive aspects of this partnership are already being realised and in the future, growth is a priority. “In recent months we have really fine-tuned our proposal, which our customers are already seeing the benefits of,” explains Paul. “We’re really proud of getting the Office for National Statistics (ONS) on board, which is testament to the strength of our offering.”

The partnership between Equiniti and Orient Capital is an important element of the Global Share Alliance (GSA).

“For clients with dual-listed companies, looking at each company’s share analysis separately is time-consuming and far from practical,” Paul says. “The GSA, miraqle and our combined offering with Orient Capital allows our clients to look at one joined-up piece of information that is stored in one place. This is a really powerful tool for our clients.”

Clients will also see benefits around both the speed and clarity of the information available to them. “The share register changes every single day, so allowing our clients and brokers to keep up to date with this means they are aware of any potential large or new movements on a register, meaning they can be aware and act sooner if they wish to,” says Paul.

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