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Boardroom Talk

Friday, 6 October 2017

Guy Wakeley, Equiniti’s Chief Executive, talks with Mark Robinson on a podcast for Investors Chronicle.

Guy talks to Mark on a few topics including: what's new with Equiniti, Brexit fears, possible future CSN shareholder voting rights, pension reforms and the current impact of the pension market on the individual saver. From the interview, Guy commented:



A typical corporate defined contribution pension scheme will not provide sufficient money for your retirement. The schemes are not big enough and they don’t grow quick enough. Many people now need to look to other products to support or augment their savings plans.

Guy goes on to detail what those products might be and the types of services Equiniti are looking to develop:


We are building out our sharedealing services and what we want to do is make a really accessible low cost utility type service where people come out of shareplans, for instance with their corporate employer, and are able to hold stock and trade stock simply. We think this is a real market, a middle market, to provide those investment savings alongside pension services.